A travel influencer is admitting to photoshopping her photos after folks noticed multiple Instagram’s with a similar cloud formation

“I actually don’t see the big deal here, I never lied regarding it.”

A travel blogger with over 280,000 followers on Instagram has admitted to photoshopping her photos to feature clouds into the background after screenshots of her account went viral.

Tupi Saravia of Buenos Aires said she uses a photo-editing app to boost or impose clouds into her photos if the camera can’t spot them.

Her account became the topic of mass speculation and jokes on-line once screenshots of a number of her posts started going viral in different areas.

“I can’t believe how far this went,” Saravia wrote via email with laughing-crying emojis. “I used an app known as Quickshot to assist the composition of the photograph once the sky is burned or overexposed.”

This travel ‘influencer’ spookily has similar clouds in every photograph. ???

Quickshot is a free and fast photo-editing app that includes a feature known as Sky control, which puts clouds into a photograph.
Saravia said she tends to use a similar cloud patterns from the app, although there are many alternative choices with different patterns. “I simply happened to love that one,” she aforesaid.

She additionally said that photoshopping is something she’s invariably been open about. She even claimed that she helped one amongst her followers edit a picture with similar software.

“They were perpetually aware of this because I never hide it,” she said of her followers. “I always tell them the apps I take advantage of.”
She added, “Actually I’m the primary one to tell the joke that the clouds are following me around the world.”